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We all know how great Tiffany is at listening, giving advice or just shooting the breeze. Tiff is available to talk with you in 20, 40 and 60-minute phone sessions. Tiff will call you based on your preferrred choices of timeframes.Phone time with Tiffany Granath

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*This service should not be construed as replacement for licensed psychological therapy.

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Do you know someone who would love to get a surprise recorded message from Tiffany? No matter the occasion or situation — a birthday wish, congratulations, words of encouragement or just a hello – the recipient will be sent a personalized Audio Postcard featuring a choice photo of Tiff.

*Please allow one week lead time for us to arrange the postcard.

Surprise call from Tiffany Granath

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Member Offer: Only $14.99

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Reverend Tiffany can conduct various ceremonies including wedding vows, re-commitment of vows, etc. This is a customized offering. Please provide your information in the fields provided and we will get back with you.

Reverend time Services by Tiffany Granath

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